I think the key to understanding a subject is a good teacher!

Below you will find a description of my approach to teaching and a breakdown of the different tuition options available. I mainly tutor online but if you live in Central or West London or are happy to meet there I can also tutor you in person. 

If you would like to enquire about tuition, please get in touch here.

From previous experience I find that those who struggle with science have not fully grasped the basic principles because of the environment in which they have learned - the learning environment can be daunting and questions don't get asked when they need to.

With online tutoring you feel more relaxed, the focus is tailored to you allowing you to make jumps in learning faster and enjoy the subject more. Science will always be a subject that requires hard work and plenty of studying to grasp! My aim when teaching is to check that you fully understand the basics and help them move forward to more the complicated theory. 

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Ideal for students

£25/$30/€28 per hour

This is a great option for students. I am happy to work at unsociable hours and you don't have to leave your house!

I tutor online using Skype and an electronic whiteboard. The pictures you see on here are all drawn using the whiteboard. After the lesson the notes we make can be emailed to you and I always keep a copy for next time.



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Ideal for parents/students

£40 per hour

This option is better for those with children, particularly if focus is an issue with learning.

I am DBS checked and have worked with school children studying A-level, GCSE, and 13+. 

If you are based in London I can either come to you or meet in a central location.


GROUP (3-5) 

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Ideal for students

£20-15 per person per hour, depending on group size

For those students looking to save some of their hard-earned party money, this is the option for you.

If you have a couple friends on the course and you would like to go through similar problems together I would be very happy to do that and work out a price depending on the group size.