"I would highly recommend online chemistry tuition, Dr. Lister really helped me grasp the simple concepts of chemistry and how to adapt them to different situations. He explained everything so clearly and so easily that I ended up getting an 80% in my exam! This is the place to get tutored and I would greatly recommend anyone in need to get in touch because chemistry has never been so easy!"

Zeinab, Chemistry @ University of Manchester

"Francis was very patient with me as I was not confident with chemistry. He was able to judge my understanding of the subject and explain theories, putting them into context that made it easier for me to understand. Francis was very flexible with sessions and was able to work around my schedule, he is organised and always on time. Francis clearly enjoys the subject that he teaches and he often emailed me supporting material, which was very helpful and kind of him."

Katie, Nutrition @ Kings College, London

“Thanks for all your help with Ben, I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened without you. We would like to work with you again. We've got two more to put through the ranks!” (Ben’s Mother)"

Ben, 13+ Science, Entry to Harrow

I would highly recommend online chemistry tuition, he explains concepts very clearly and concisely. He really helped me to grasp some difficult topics really quickly! If you are really struggling with chemistry this is the place to go!

Rhoda, Chemistry @ University of Manchester

Francis was my Synthesis lab demonstrator in Semester 1 and I have to say he was absolutely brilliant. He always tried to make the students comfortable in the lab bay, helped everyone to understand the experiment and told each of us when something was going wrong in the lab whether it being a dangerous fault or incorrect recrystallization.  In my opinion you were a brilliant demonstrator, guided us in the right direction when drifting off course, enthusiastic about the subject always wishing us to do well. Very knowledgeable about the course. Most importantly easy to approach with problems.

James, Chemistry (Labs) @ University of Manchester